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Junior Stabilizer Wheels Kit

Junior Stabilizer Wheels Kit
Junior Stabilizer Wheels Kit Junior Stabilizer Wheels Kit Junior Stabilizer Wheels Kit

Price: $199.99

A kit designed to balance your bike and let you ride! The Stabilizer kit is perfect for individuals who have trouble balancing a two-wheel bicycle without any assistance. Our product is constructed of heavy-duty steel which has been tested with over 500lbs. We offer the strongest and most cost effective adult training wheels on the market. The intended user of our adult training wheel kit includes individuals such as:

  • Those with a fear of falling.
  • Physical therapy patients
  • The elderly.
  • Those with weight issues.
  • Cancer patients.
  • Those with cerebral palsy.
  • Stroke victims.
  • Adults or Children who are physically impaired.
  • Adults or Children who are mentally handicapped

Stabilizer Wheel Specs:

  • Fits 20-Inch BMX Bicycles
  • Heavy-Duty Steel Tubing
  • Best Stability Control For Any Age Youth
  • Supports over 200lbs
  • Easy to read pictorial instructions
Satisfied Customer Reviews Haven't rode a bike in 40 years. Have terrible arthritis in knees with arthroscopic surgery last Oct for a torn meniscus in (R) knee. I am very stiff with terrible joint pain. Ordered stabilizers and this week went camping with my new bike and new stabilizer wheels on. Trying to build up leg muscles that have deceased in strength due to all my joint problem. Thank you Bike USA. You are touting a fantastic product here. I know I would never have been able to ride without them. The pain was bad but such gratification to be able to ride and enjoy. In 4 days I can already tell the difference. Still hurts like heck but big difference in my riding ability just from the first day. Thanks again!! -Linda L.










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