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About Us

Thank you for taking interest in our bicycles. Over the past 15 years, we have always worked hard to cook up generous portions of excitement, dependability, value and fun in our bicycles and other sports products.

Bike USA Inc is a Pennsylvania corporation founded in 1995. Located on the eastern side of the state of Pennsylvania, Bike USA Inc has a 50,000 sq. ft. warehouse and office facility. This central location and large warehouse facility let us provide reliability and timeliness in todays fast paced premium environment.

We invite you to compare our bikes with anything else in their class. Our new-product team devoted months dialing in the specs on the hills surrounding our Pennsylvania facility. Their efforts resulted in the best that modern mountain bicycles are all about - no hype - no nonsense - no untested over-the-edge technology, just the finest bike values available today.

This website outlines the basic features of our premium all-terrain bikes and highlights some of the other product that makes us unique. Many of our bicycles also feature componentry from world class companies that contributed technical expertise to their creation.\r\n\r\nRide safely, always wear a helmet, take care of nature, and have fun.

Steve Green

General Manager 

Bike USA Inc